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Jocelyn's first time using a camera was before she could walk (upper left photo; 1990). Years later, after formal training and informal exploration in both still photography and motion picture, her career has zig-zagged through multiple cities, industries, and work styles (upper right photo; 2018). Whether filming K-12 students in classrooms around the country for product case studies, developing branded creative for digital/social ad campaigns, photo-documenting community activities for non-profit organizations, or experimenting in multimedia art and A/V expression... the guiding constant for Jocelyn is an evolving balance of whimsical curiosity, deep empathy, and relentless enjoyment of capturing and/or creating for the visual (and audiovisual) experience. 

rate range 

$200-$250/hr; $1,100-$1800/day – commercial and corporate
$125-$185/hr; $600-$900/day – non-profit and youth development/edu 

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