Extensive experience shooting photography and videos with DSLR systems (Canon EOS and Sony Alpha in particular) + less regular,–but still memorable–experience shooting, editing, and trouble-shooting with the full list of cameras, related hardware, and software below... 

DIGITAL CAMERAS for photo + video – 
Sony A7R II (mirrorless) 
Canon 5D II (DSLR) 
Canon C100 (digital cinema) 
Nikon D200 (DSLR) 
Nikon D40x (DSLR) 
iPhone XR (smart phone) 
iPhone 6S (smart phone) 
LG V20 (smart phone - for LG USA client social content, 2016-2017)

FILM CAMERAS for photo – 
Yashica-MAT 124G (TLR; medium format)
Nikon FM-2 (35mm SLR);
Kodak 35 Automatic (35mm rangefinder);
Canon AE-1 (35mm SLR);
Nikon F2 (35mm SLR) 


Mole Kit (100W T 3 Light Kit) 
Kino Flo 4Banks (T44) 
Mount Dog 1350W kit 
Light Panel (3200-5600K)

Software for editing/production (video, audio, photo) - 
Adobe Premiere (video + sound editing) 
Adobe Photoshop (photography/manipulation) 
Adobe Lightroom (photography/exposure/fine-tuning) 
Adobe Media Encoder (encoding/transcoding)
Logic Pro (music production; sound design + audio editing) 
Final Cut Pro

Because audiovisual creation is my passion (beyond a paycheck), I'm more often than not ready and excited to learn and practice new, related hardware and software related to said type of creative production – so while this list may seem definitive, it is ever-growing! 

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