all videos shot & edited by Jocelyn R.C.

Fiddle Leaf Rooting (2020) 

Giving a fiddle leaf the ol' car (or luxury watch) commercial treatment. 

Market Optical 

as part of their 2019 digital redesign/refresh 

creative director - Eunice Do
video creator - Jocelyn RC

Ox Year (2021)

Experimental short film allegory.

Orange Apple

A stop-motion piece about two fruits in a relationship.

Giant Spoon Retreat (2017)

Casually captured moments throughout their 2017 all-agency retreat edited to give a bit of nostalgic summer camp.                 

Justin Hood (2016) 

An afternoon observing and getting inspired by a co-worker/artist.  

all videos on this page shot & edited by Jocelyn RC

[see full video showcase on vimeo here]

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