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I had the pleasure of working with Jocelyn on a promo for a TV series that I was pitching. The shoot required that we travel to several locations to film travel/adventure footage - run and gun kinda stuff. Jocelyn did a great job at capturing beautiful, interesting and exciting footage that helped me to get distribution for the show! She is a triple threat creative that I will hire again. 

- Stephanie Harris-Uyidi | TV Producer | Posh One Studios

I only recently hired Jocelyn for the first time but she's already become a go-to freelancer for ZOe Productions. We've now had her work multiple shoots for us - both videography and photography - and are consistently impressed with her creative expertise and personable demeanor. We're not the only fans of Jocelyn either - our clients who have worked with her consistently request her on future shoots. Put simply, Jocelyn is a fun, professional freelancer who always provides great results. What more could we ask for? 

- Zach Reusing | Brand Strategist | ZOe Productions 

In her time at zSpace, Jocelyn has put a lasting mark through her videos on the tone and voice of our brand. She is professional, courteous, hardworking, and generally a delight to work with. The quality of her work is remarkable. Her perspective, from a creative standpoint, is whimsical and serious simultaneously while explaining complex ideas in an efficient manner. She is a person who is easy to trust. She is someone you can rely on. For these reasons, I can't hold back anything but my highest recommendation for Jocelyn. 

- Jason Railey | Sr. Director, Global HP Alliance | zSpace 

Jocelyn joined us at zSpace, a high tech startup in Silicon Valley, and from the first moment she started making an impact. Using her very effective inquisitive, insightful, and personable approach, she helped us untangle some tricky communication and messaging issues. Not many could have achieved what she did, and a very few could have done it so well. She's productive, efficient, reliable, and communicates very well. She understands what she's doing, can explain it, and she makes smart trade-offs. Her work speaks for itself; yet, what might not be obvious is that she walked into an environment full of propeller heads and pocket protectors. She's adaptable, too. 

- Dave Chavez | Chief Technology Officer, zSpace Inc. 

Jocelyn is the creative genius behind the zSpace video content. She's incredibly talented and has great artistic sense. She can be relied on to always find an interesting angle and a pleasure to work with. I would love to work with Jocelyn in the future and enthusiastically recommend her work. 

- Elena Levashova | Demand Generation Lead | UpGuard

Jocelyn is not only a wonderful individual, but she exudes talent. Every time I've worked with her, I look forward to hiring her again. She is always punctual with her deliverables and her passion for photography equates to a fresh perspective evident in her prints. Jocelyn is able to balance creativity with consistency and thus, I will never hesitate to recommend her as a professional photographer. 

- Jana Winternitz | Film Producer 


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